1.Ganxun Hotel of Huazhong Agricultural Universtiy


Location:No.1  Shizishan Hongshan District,Wuhan

Single room: 280 CNY per night

Double room: 280 CNY per night

Note: Participants are kindly requested to fill in this receipt in advance and send it to the Accommodation Receipt Mailbox iap2021@mail.hzau.edu.cn or iap2021hzau@outlook.com in order to provide better meeting arrangements. The conference team will reserve a room for you.If the booking is cancelled after submission of the receipt, please send the cancellation information to the mailbox in advance.



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Maps of the Conference Venue

Hankou Railway Station:

By taxi:  (approx.50-70 CNY per trip)

Leave Hankou station through the main entrance, wait in line at the roadside taxi stop.

It takes about 35 min depending on the traffic.

By public transport (approx. 6 CNY per trip):

leave  Hankou station from the south exit 1, walk 30 meters straight and turn right into the entrance F of Metro Line 2. Take Metro Line 2 in the direction “Guanggu Square” and take off at Baotong Temple. To reach the Baotong Temple bus station , walk 40 m from exit A to the right or walk 20 m from exit B to the left. Take the bus 576 to Huazhong Agricultural University . Then cross the footbridge and turn right. You will reach Huazhong Agricultural University about 90 m straight ahead.

Public transportation

An extensive public transportation network covers the whole city of Wuhan. They run from about 6:00 to 20:45. For more information: 


 Wuhan Railway Station 

By taxi:approx. 55 CNY

Take a taxi out of the station, it will take about 29-32 minutes depending on the traffic.

By public transport: (The journey takes 1.5 hours, approx. 7 CNY)

Enter from the east entrance of the subway station. First, take Metro Line 4 (Bolin direction), after 7 stops transfer to Metro Line 8 (Military transport village direction) at Yuejiazui. After 9 stops, leave Wenzhi Street from the B exit. Then walk to Luoshi Road Wenzhi Street Bus Station, and take No. 905/576 to get off at Luoshi South Road Huazhong Agricultural University after 5 stops. Last, cross the footbridge, turn right and walk 200 meters , and you will find HZAU.

Subway: Run from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Bus: Run from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Wuchang Railway Station:

By taxi:

 Take a taxi out of the station, depending on the traffic, it will take about 30 minutes and you will pay about 23-30 CNY

By public transport

Route 1: From 1F - Departure floor - outside the West Entrance, walk about 466 metres to the bus stop at Zhongshan Road Wuchang Railway Station, take bus No. 571 directly to Huazhong Agricultural University, via 16 stops, about 37 minutes to the bus stop at Huazhong Agricultural University, walk about 353 metres to the West Gate of Huazhong Agricultural University. The whole journey takes about 1 hour and costs about 2 CNY. (Bus No. 571: first 6:00, last 21:00, approx.15 minutes/trip)

Tianhe Airport

By taxi:  (approx.120 CNY per trip )

Take a taxi out of the airport, it will take about 55 minutes depending on the traffic. 

By public transport (The journey takes 1 hour and 50 minutes ,approx. 10 CNY per trip):

Take the ferry bus at the exit to the subway station, take line 2, get off at Baotongsi station, walk 40 meters to the right from exit a (or walk 20 meters to the left from exit b), take bus No.576 to Huazhong Agricultural University Station on Luoshi South Road (get off and cross the pedestrian overpass) to get to our school.



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